DECEMBER 11, 2014


Interactive content must stand out in quality, creativity and performance.

Flood of Interactive Content

This is where we shine—where we show everyone how awesome we are. This is really the bread and butter of the Creative Services Team.

  • Thorough QA process
  • Constantly challenging ourselves
  • Break the platform!


We will continuously innovate new kinds of interactive content experiences.

Innovative Ideas & Meaningful Experiences

We will never stop bringing new ideas to the table! We are passionate about providing amazing user experiences that encompass bold new ideas. When inspiration strikes, we will do whatever it takes to 'Make it work.'

  • User-Experience is key
  • Always ask “Why?” and "Can we do this?" to help push the platform
  • Actively search and share new ideas
  • Bubble up pain points within the platform


We will develop a massive collection of Quick Starts.


Quick Starts are a huge part of ion's future, and the Creative Services Team is dedicated to creating a beautiful collection of ready-made experiences for our customers and ourselves. Here's how we're doing it.

  • Utilizing Quick Starts as a start for customer designs
  • Having open communication about the Quick Starts. We want to make this a great experience for ourselves and our customers
  • Finding new and innovative ways to use Quick Starts—like what we did here. We made a page from an eBook into an awesome presentation for you in no time!


In the big picture, we are helping companies pioneer new dynamics between prospects, marketing, and sales.

Building Informative Experiences

Designing beautiful interactive content is not enough. We need to identify what we are trying to learn from every marketing app we create so we can build in a way that makes this data easily accessible.

  • A new way of thinking—what user behavior data will help the sales team seal the deal?
  • Use smart tagging to help provide this information for sales
  • Leverage our sales team for advice; they offer a unique perspective on how to provide meaningful data to our customers


Coaxing meaningful responses from people is one of our key differentiators.

Leverage and build upon past learnings

The ion platform allows us to collect a ton of data on a user's interaction with the content. We will harness the power of this data to continually improve our designs and strategies to increase engagement and provide better user experiences.

  • Create interactive experiences that provide meaningful learnings
  • Measure the impact of marketing apps based on reporting findings and trends
  • Use the insight from past experiences to improve the results of future interactive experiences


Our ready-made service offering will be easy to visualize and buy.

scalability is key

In order to ensure that we are delivering on our services offerings, the Creative Services Team can strive to find new ways to be more efficient in order to meet customer expectations and stay within scope.

  • Provide feedback on Quick Starts to make them scalable
  • Scope control
  • Bubble up feedback to sales and keep other teams aware of where scope may have been an issue to prevent future instances


We will only engage in a small number of truly custom engagements.

Solutions for the Masses

Our goal is to find creative solutions that can benefit the majority of the customer base. We will leverage the vast possibilities of the powerful ion platform to make this happen instead of reinventing the wheel with custom, one-time projects.

  • Find ways to make custom items reusable
  • Find a path to 'Yes' without going custom
  • Be aware of ion service offerings and client expectations


Our platform will be the high-end solution in the market.

A stellar solution must lead to stellar creative

The ion platform is no longer for the average Joe. It is a sophisticated and truly amazing SaaS that can take your static content to the next level. A high-end platform demands amazing user experiences and fresh and innovative ideas from the Creative Services Team!

  • Embrace the 'Expert' mentality
  • Create amazing Marketing apps that help our customers envision what is possible in our platform
  • Find ways to break the mold and try something new


This is a take-and-hold-the-high-ground strategy.

Never stop improving!

The mission of platform advancement will never be completed. The Creative Services Team aims to play a large role in idea generation that will help ion improve our software and hold the high ground.

  • Feedback loop is key—bubbling up pain points and great ideas are how we will stay ahead of the competition
  • Bubble up frequent customer feedback
  • Make the platform our own by sharing ideas and solutions company wide



DECEMBER 11, 2014